Youtube Vanced Apk Download For Android(Latest Version)

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YouTube Vanced is a popular version of modified YouTube. Adds many features to the official YouTube app, including built-in ad blocking, background playback, and black/dark themes.

This page has rootless device installation instructions and downloads links. YouTube Vanced is having been changed slightly from youtube and it is very popular among the society of android mobile phone users.

youtube vanced apk

We’ll add a number of features that Google’s official YouTube app doesn’t have.

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Features of YouTube Vanced Download

Now I’m providing you YouTube advanced features. It’s a Built-in Adblocker. Advertising is an important part of supporting online publications and creators, but of course, many people don’t want to see ads on YouTube. So, it’s

  • An essential tool.
  • Background playback.
  • Force HDR mode.
  • Overrides the maximum resolution.
  • Pinch and zoom all devices.
  • Casting toggle.
  • Secondary theme.
  • Picture-in-picture video

This adds many features not found in Google’s official YouTube app. Built-in Adblock, background playback without YouTube Premium, black/dark themes, and more. This hub has everything you need to get YouTubeVanced up and running.

So Why Do You Need to Install YouTubeVanced?

In addition to the above features, Vanced is a significant improvement over the official YouTube app. Here is some features are given below. For more information on Vanced, please see the official thread on the XDA forums.

Built-in Adblocker:
Advertising is an important part of supporting online publications and creators, but of course, many people don’t want to see ads on YouTube. Vanced has built-in controls for adblocking. You can switch the settings to get the desired function.

Background playback and Force HDR mode:
Not all smartphones support HDR in the YouTube app, but Vanced can enforce it. HDR stands for “High Dynamic Range” and can improve video quality with impressive results.

  • Overwrite maximum resolution
  • Pinch and zoom all devices
  • Mobile phones with a high aspect ratio, such as the Samsung Galaxy S9, can pinch to magnify the video, occupying the entire display.

Casting Toggle:

This allows you to switch between the Google Cast icons. You can force it off even if you have a casting machine nearby.

Secondary theme:

Everyone loves the theme and Vance has several options. The default theme is white.

Video Window Style:

Don’t like the new YouTube video window that appears when you minimize video? .Vanced gives its users to enjoy the opportunity to choose a new style instead of the old one.

Repeat the video:
This feature allows you to repeat the video after it’s done. Music videos are a natural choice, but you can use them for any video. Choose the video you like and repeat it over and over again.

Recommended resolution and speed:

Select your preferred video resolution and playback speed and all video selections will be automatically remembered.

Volume and brightness swipe control:
The volume and brightness swipe controls make it very easy to adjust these while watching a video, especially if the video is full screen.

Installation Procedure Youtube Vanced Apk

Let’s see the installation process of this app in your android phone system.

  • At first, users should download the advanced manager app from anywhere they like or Github or
  • Install and open the app and click “Non-root”
  • Click [Download] on MicroG to install.
  • Click Download in Vanced, select the theme and language and install.

SAI / .apks method:

  • Go to the official website and download MicroG and Vanced (must be provided as an .apks file).
  • Install SAI (Split APK Installer) from the Play Store.
  • Install MicroG like any other APK (click APK file> click Install)
  • Open SAI and select the downloaded .apks file (if you have a file containing .bins, download it using another browser other than Firefox)
  • Click “Install”

Note: If SAI displays the error “App is incompatible”, please select the “Legacy” architecture when downloading the .APK file. If you encounter any other errors, please check the FAQ for the specific error.

Note 2: If you are using a Huawei device that you are trying to install a variant other than root, you need to follow these steps:

byu/leszek1337 from discussion

MIUI non-root:

Option A:

  • Disable MIUI optimization in the developer options (this may remove all permissions for the app).
  • Open SAI, make sure the “signed APK” option is disabled and continue with the Vanced installation (follow the non-root installation guide above).

Note: If you can’t install it, please check if the original YouTube is installed. You need to hibernate or disable the app until the installation is complete.

Option B:

  • Follow all instructions carefully and install Shiziku from https: //
  • Enable Shiziku mode in SAI
  • Install Vanced like any other phone (check the steps above)

Option C:
(How to install a new Vanced via ADB)

  • Go to MediaFire Mirror and go to “NON-ROOT”
  • Download the 3 APK files. They need to support the device architecture, the required language, and the required app theme.

For example, if your device is an arm64 device and you want a black-themed English app, download:




  • Execute the following command while connected to the phone.

adb install-multiple [downloaded arch] .apk [downloaded language] .apk [downloaded theme] .apk
Using the above example, it looks like this:

adb install-multiple split_config.arm64_v8a.apk split_config.en.apk black.apk
Note: As mentioned above, you don’t need to download the black themed version of arm64 English. This is just an example and you can install a dark themed arm version of Spanish and more.

  • Install MicroG on your phone like any other APK

root Senior Manager:

  1. Download the VancedManager app from GitHub or the website.
  2. now you have to install as well as open the app to click root.
  3. Follow the instructions.


  1. Disable APK validation using:
  2. SmalliPatcher-https: //

(Note: This doesn’t work for many people. If you still get the error, use the method below)

  • Xposed + CorePatcher-https: //
  • Yellow Smiley Wears App-No download link. You have to find it yourself (don’t put the name in the sub)

(Once installed, go to Toolbox> Patches to Android> Disable APK Signature Verification-you can then uninstall the Wears app)

  1. Install the SAI (Split APK Installer) app and enable root mode
  2. Select the downloaded .apks file
  3. Click “Install”

14.21.54 or less

  • Download both the corresponding MicroG and Vanced APK from the official mirror (select the non-root variant page).
  • MicroG is paired with Vanced version 14.21.54
  • MicroG 0.2.4-105_16052019_2 is paired with Vanced version 14.10.53-this version requires you to press the back button when logging in. Otherwise, the Login screen will disappear.
  • First install MicroGAPK
  • Then install the Vanced APK second


How Do I Use Easily YouTube Vanced?

Uninstall all YouTube updates and turn off automatic updates on the Play Store. Download the official ZIP installer.
Select the appropriate ROotapk for your device (use an application such as CPU-Z to check the system architecture) and select the secondary theme you want to use from the official mirror.

I also noticed it. When I listened to the album in the background using Youtube Vanced, like having a Note 20 Ultra with the best battery on the market, the battery dropped by more than 20%.

Youtube Vanced is the perfect fix application for those who like watching videos and more without any problems. This is known as iYTBP and shows the initial release and what the team has done to further enhance it. Known as a root-only application, even rootless users can start trading.

However, YoutubeVanced for iOS is currently unavailable. Youtube Vanced Apk can be installed on up to Oreo devices, including rooted, derooted and magisk rooted devices. Unfortunately, the Youtube version of Vanced.

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