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If you become a health-conscious person, you think that it is much better to resist then treat, and And if you think that in this age of technology if there was a software that could easily take care of health, Than MyFit is the best option as well as the best answer of your question. In this article, we are trying to give all the reliable information about this app by which anyone takes the decision to use this app. So lets to dove into the deep.

mi fit app download

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mi Fit App Download Update

Mi Fit is Mi Band and Mi Scale”s officials app. By using this app, users can get the opportunity to record their weight as well as the distance they are walking daily.

Its interface is so user friendly that the user can easily run-through their target and the result that they already have made using the graph.

My Fit is software by which a user can track as well as research their daily life using their mobile devices. You can’t reach your goal if you don’t set one, which is why measuring your stats with Mi Fit is a great way to calculate a baseline.

Benefits Of MI Fit

Let’s see the benefits of mi fit for the use of the next purpose.

  • Tracks a variety of health stats
  • Receive personalized notifications
  • Abandoned alarm function
  • Require account registration

If you already have the Xiaomi Mi Band, then you have to connect this software to any kind of android mobile phone. If you have both, you will have access to a number of options. Users will be able to set, track, and track your health and fitness data, monitor sleep patterns, set an early alarm, share progress and stats with friends on Facebook, ignore lock screens on individual devices, and configure your Mi Band to vibrate when you receive calls on your phone.

How to Install Mi App

we are going to show you how to install configure and use the misfit app it’s used with your me bank two or three so let’s move on to the installation first thing you have to do is to locate your Play Store app and open it on the home page.

Now you locate the search bar when you type in me fit once found proceed with the tap installation the download process and the installation takes about two minutes to complete. we sped up this process as there is nothing interesting to see besides the application installation after the part of the phone checks.

If there are any problems with installation and we had none continue the process by exiting the Play Store and locate the method application icon click on it to open the end once the app opens were greeted with two options to sign-in or to sign up.

Sign up means creating a new account but we already have one so it shall proceed with signing in there are several ways of signing in like using your account.

Your Google account Facebook account or via email, we went with the mi account which you should already have if you are using Shawn’s products we are signing in using our phone number.
So first you locate your country code and after you type in your phone number and me account password press the sign-in button and the process should last just a couple of seconds after that’s completed the first thing you’ll see is the app.

Homepage which most certainly will guide you to the next step which is pairing your device to the phone and the application. Click on the paired devices to start the pairing process.

Here you will get a pop-up saying what kind of data will be collected. Once the device is pending pick on ok and the next thing will say your booth will need permission to use retention which will allow in this following dialog box
Now the app will ask you to turn on the Bluetooth if it’s not already on allowing it and the short pairing process system the band will vibrate once the application made the connection and on the band screen, a parent notification will pop up press on the only button you have on the band.

It will complete the pairing process within a few seconds by saying the pairing is successful and after that, you will be greeted with the homepage of me fit ad since we use the band and application before we will have some data showing for you.

There will be nothing here on this page you can see what kind of activities the mi fit app download can help you monitor this page shows you all kinds of options included your weight goal friends accounts and all sorts of notifications you can set.
If you want you can run it in the background to get notifications on your calls. You can follow these steps click on the incoming calls. Then allow the app to access the phone and after that, the incoming calls will cause the band to vibrate and how the name of the person column. Here you can see all sorts of things that can be set up from notifications and different alerts this section shows what features can be displayed on the screen.

You can select the ones you want or all of them if you like to this video tosses like the third video and subscribe to our YouTube channel see you in the next one then box out. It’s all about mi fit app download for android and enjoy the apps that you like doing.

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