Football Strike – Multiplayer Soccer Apk For Android

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Football Strike – Multiplayer Soccer is a football game that gives you the opportunity to compete with friends from all over the world, at any time. In addition, the control system is very sophisticated and the graphics are amazing. And, of course, you can adapt your player as well as your goalkeeper to the content of your heart.

Football Strike

Get your friends with multiplayer free kicks, or make a name for yourself in career mode! Challenge people to various online gaming modes! Hit the targets in a fast, limited time battle for points in Shooting Race mode, or take turns as both an attacker and a goalkeeper in One-on-Free Free Kick mode!

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Strike, a term used in the Football Association to mean an accurate, moving shot with the shoelaces. Goal kicks and goalkeepers are at the heart of the whole game, but each game mode is designed with different mechanics and offers different goals for you. When you download the latest version of Football Strike APK, you will probably spend most of your time playing the two main game modes.

Functions Of Football Strike

Shooting Race – You will be combined with another player and the main goal is to get a higher score by the end of the match. You will start with 45 seconds per clock, but there will be an additional 5 seconds in each level you unlock.
You need to achieve the goals that are set in specific areas of the goal post. Higher levels have additional challenges, for example, goals will start moving in Level 2. Hit your target before your opponent does, so you will be the one to win the point. The viewing angle and distance from the target position will change automatically after each score.

Free Kick – Here, you will have all the experience of a penalty. This means that you will become the striker and the goalkeeper. It is also in PvP format, so you and your opponent will take turns kicking the ball and blocking it. Each level has specific goals and the player closest to completing them will win. Higher levels also unlock more and more challenging challenges.

Realistic 3D graphics and exciting sound effects – There is so much thought in the graphics and details of the idols, the balls, the costumes, the finish, the stadium and its surroundings, even the spectators in the background. The animations are also in 3D!

Football Strike Apk Latest Version

The game’s sound effects are also very realistic, giving you the feeling of being on a field. You will notice this when you kick the ball, you will jump for defense and the applause and cheers of the audience. It only makes the game more exciting and that the penalties become even more exciting!

Easy to learn game controls:
You will love the fact that there are very few controls to learn here, which is great for a fast-paced game. When scoring, you have to drag starting from the ball and continuing with the goal you have chosen in the goal position. You will need a perfect schedule depending on the game mode you are playing (see game tips below).

To defend the goal, you will simply drag the ball to where it is going. The goalkeeper is more difficult here and the only way to do that is to drag accurately and quickly as soon as the opponent kicks the ball. Yes, you have to be intuitive about the direction the striker will take otherwise you will be late.

Football Strike MOD Features

  • Unlimited cash money
  • Unlimited currencies
  • Unlock all the balls
  • Automatic victory
  • Free download
  • Absolutely safe
  • Compatible with all Android versions
  • The Football Strike Mod APK file is very easy to install
  • Automatic update
  • No need to root your Android device!
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Unlimited cash in Football Strike MOD

Cash is the main currency of the game. You can use them to buy bags, cards, balls from the store. There are 3 types of bags you can buy: Premium, Champion and VIP. Normally you can get real money cash. However, with the football strike application, you will receive unlimited cash in your account for free.

You can buy as many bags as you want and enjoy all the new ball cards every day. Try not to upload it. Use it only 2-3 times a day to avoid spam.

Unlock all VIP balls
You can usually buy three different balls of a different rarity for cash at the store.

About the game:

There is the possibility of multiple players with more benefits. We can choose to adopt the attacker and travel to more places and play in different stages and unlock many items while playing. We can choose your favorite team like yours and play as you wish. Enter the career path to win many awards and medals. We can also have full action through the game in a fast game.

The important thing is that we have to connect to the Internet playing the game which is a disadvantage of this game. The game gives you a wonderful experience of playing football. If you really like football and have only a few people playing the game, then you can play football via Football Strike., As the game gives you a real-time football adventure.

Game description:

Getting the best shots and experiencing the best virtual soccer game is no harder. One of the most popular mobile football games Football Strike is here just for you. So, all football fans are getting ready to do the best kick ever!

The game was released on September 13, 2017. This sports game is offered and developed by To play the game, you must have Android 4.1 and later.

How to play Football Strike Android

Undoubtedly you can have the chance to score well whether you will be the striker or goalkeeper.
In the individually Free Kick mode, you can either play the role of striker or goalkeeper. You can connect with your friends and play together, as it is a multiplayer game.

There are several teams to choose from, including FC Schalke 04, FC Barcelona, FC Zenit, Borussia Dortmund and more. In career mode, you can travel the world with your team and take on different football challenges. If you win a wide career mode, you can win medals. Use the Soccer Match APK to unlock all your favorite players.

Football Game Features

  • Easy and exciting game
  • Custom team and jersey colors
  • Chances are you can unlock and receive many useful items
  • The chances of upgrading the player and the gears used

The latest version of the game comes with many new features such as new items and exciting combinations. All minor and major bugs have been fixed and general optimizations have also been made. So what are you waiting for? Download the game now and start playing!

Why use Football Strike Tricks?

Some people find it immoral to use game hacks, but sometimes you really need it. For example, in the Football Strike mod apk, you need a lot of cash to buy each ball. If you want to be the best player and win almost every game you need all the help you can get. With Soccer Strike Mod Apk, you will have enough money to buy ball cards every day. You can also buy all your favorite footballers.

You can become one of the best players in this game by using our hack. Our hack is not detectable by the game, so you do not have to worry about your ban.

Play and enjoy the game wherever you want. Play the whole game with less time as you want. Download the game now! It’s your turn to win the game!

Play the game using the Football Strike MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Coins) to win every game and become the best player!

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