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Cyber Hunter is a next-generation along with survival, shooting, research, skills, and more, including Barcode! In short, this is a new gaming experience. if the user needs multiplayer action games, they can easily choose this Cyber Hunter is a multiplayer action game. This game gives its users to fight against more than a hundred opponents at the same time.

Cyber Hunter Season 4: The Matrix Awakens has arrived! New seasonal rewards, skins, and the new game mode:

Any type of user can download this game easily like Cyber Hunter Apk Android App 0.100.363 com.netease.lztgglobal for free.

Cyber Hunter Apk Download

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Cyber Hunter Action Game

Cyber Hunter Lite multiplayer action game is half the size of the original Cyber Hunter, but it still manages to pack a punch with all the features like the whole body.

Your goal in Cyber Hunter Light is to be the last survivor during the battle you will face a hundred different enemies. Live the life of the other player’s thanks to your skill and expertise. Fortunately, there is an island full of weapons and equipment to keep you loaded and ready to fight.

One of the main advantages of this title is the concept of vertical battle: climb almost any surface, glide in the air or pull the gravity that defies the jumps just like in parkour.

As with any Battle Royale game, there are several ways to choose from: solo, pairs or test your team skills versus four-player teams. In this sense, this title is far removed, at least aesthetically, from other video games in this genre.

Cyber Hunter Lite is a game that gives its users the experience of the original full-size game to low-end devices without too much delay. We are looking for a perfect title for everyone to enjoy the excitement of the original game, regardless of the smartphone or tablet you are playing from.

Download Cyber Hunter Latest Version Android Games

Download cuber hunter action games in the Google Play Store or click on the Download button below. This game is so much excitement for new android game lovers.

Cyber Hunter Apk FAQ

Is Cyber Hunter on Android?
To play Cyber Hunter smoothly on an Android device, the device must meet the following specifications: It must run Android Jelly Bean or higher (Minimum Android 4.3) Must have at least 1.5Gig of free space.

Is Cyber Hunter Banned?
Broadly, the Ministry of Information and Technology banned 118 mobile apps, including the popular battle of the royal game PUBG Mobile in the country. The long list of banned apps includes Ride Out Heroes, Survival Rules, Cyber Hunter, and other less popular Battle Royale apps. NetEase has just this game distributed for the android mobile phone at the same time for pc.

How Big is Cyber Hunter?
This is 6 times 6 square kilometers. When you “walk”, you look for weapons, other helpful objects and vehicles. But here’s the Cyber Hunter that stands out – you can capture abilities as you level up that you use to detect your enemies’ signals, become invisible or build barricades.

Is Cyber Hunter Banned In India?
The Government of India has banned 118 Chinese mobile applications, including many mobile games such as Cyber Hunter, Cyber Hunter Lite, Survival Rules, Creative Destruction, etc ..

How do I check my cyber hunter rating?
How do I know our grade in cyber hunters? Geese Answer: If you start a bot match and wait until the game starts, you can see your rating at the beginning of the game!

How do you fly in cyber Hunter?
Sliding is nothing new for Battle Royale games. Sliding can, however, be performed much easier and more often in Cyber Hunter. You do not have to be very far from the ground to use it either. This time you have to press as well as hold the button named “jump”.



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